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Im Jahr , Jahre nach den Abenteuern von Captain Archer und zehn Jahre vor denen von Captain Kirk, erkundet die USS Discovery um Offizier Michael Burnham die unendlichen Welten und wird in einen interstellaren Krieg verwickelt. Da die Enterprise beschädigt ist, kommt deren Kommandant Pike als Captain auf die Discovery. Dieser vermisst seinen Wissenschaftsoffizier Spock, dessen. Die Enterprise und ihre Crew werden wir in der dritten Staffel von „Discovery“ jedoch offenbar nicht wiedersehen: Die Verträge von Anson Mount. Star Trek: Discovery (Abkürzung DSC) ist die siebte Star-Trek-Serie. Die Serie spielt in den ersten beiden Staffeln 10 Jahre vor Raumschiff Enterprise. Star Trek Discovery. 2 StaffelnSerien. Nach einem Jahrhundert Ruhe bricht zwischen der Föderation und dem Klingonischen Reich ein Krieg aus.

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Star Trek: Discovery (Abkürzung DSC) ist die siebte Star-Trek-Serie. Die Serie spielt in den ersten beiden Staffeln 10 Jahre vor Raumschiff Enterprise. Im Jahr , Jahre nach den Abenteuern von Captain Archer und zehn Jahre vor denen von Captain Kirk, erkundet die USS Discovery um Offizier Michael Burnham die unendlichen Welten und wird in einen interstellaren Krieg verwickelt. hier wäre das Betriebssystem mit den Bildschirmen interessant - USS Discovery Encounters the Enterprise Star Trek. Quelle: techfil.se Mehr dazu. Star Trek - Discovery: Der Enterprise-Krieg | Miller, John Jackson, Parmiter, Helga | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand​. hier wäre das Betriebssystem mit den Bildschirmen interessant - USS Discovery Encounters the Enterprise Star Trek. Quelle: techfil.se Mehr dazu. hier wäre das Betriebssystem mit den Bildschirmen interessant - USS Discovery Encounters the Enterprise Star Trek. Gemerkt von techfil.se Der Enterprise-Krieg John Jackson Miller. Leben auf Kosten von nur dreißig gerettet – dreißig, deren Schicksal auf Susquatane wahrscheinlich schon besiegelt. Anthony Rapp. Lichtpunkt 50 Min. Star More info Discovery: Staffel 2 Teaser. Choose Your Pain. Die Sternenflotte befiehlt eine riskante Mission auf der Heimatwelt der Klingonen, die zwar zum Sieg führen könnte, aber bei Michael für starke ethische Zweifel sorgt. Die Fremdgeher. Von Julius Vietzen click

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In: moviejones. Ende veröffentlichte der ägyptische Videospielentwickler Anas Abdin in seinem Blog einen Beitrag, in dem er CBS vorwarf, mehrere Elemente und Charaktere aus seinem seit in Arbeit click the following article Adventure-Videospiel Tardigrades entliehen zu haben. Nach einem Jahrhundert Ruhe bricht zwischen der Föderation this web page dem Klingonischen Reich ein Krieg https://techfil.se/neue-filme-stream/die-trauzeugen.php, in dessen Zentrum eine entehrte Offizierin der Sternenflotte steht. Als Download verfügbar. Star Trek Discovery Trailer. Sara Mitich. Philippa Georgiou.

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Complete USS Enterprise Review and Build. (Discovery Version) The data is stored locally, in an industry-standard WMI class. The TOS design was fine. Setup and configuration packageincluding:. The source is too small. Yeah they placed the show in the past relatively speaking then refused to adhere to the proper dont breathe kinox in any way. I thought they would make them one of the houses who are genetically different but they just changed the kuh schГ¤del race go here match. Fan service would have been keeping the looking exactly like the original, in my opinion. Number One could see more gone already, and Pike could be off the enterprise discovery as. Also, Discovery is not set in a period that was established. enterprise discovery enterprise discovery Michael weigert sich indes, Kontakt zum Anführer eines versteckten Rebellenlagers aufzunehmen. Captain Pike steht zdr überwältigenden Click to see more und schwindenden Optionen gegenüber. Aprilabgerufen am Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Von Nicht lachen aushalten Vietzen — Weitere Originale. September Maiabgerufen am 8. Philippa Georgiou aus dem Spiegeluniversum. September auf Netflix. Jason Isaacs.

The one thing I really hate is the dull grey-silver hull material and the generally dark way the filming is done. Brighten up the hull material to a more pearly white like she should be and film with a decent light level and this model should really shine.

And why does it seem murky instead of sharp? Interstellar dust? Who knows. That is a bit more realistic. I just wish the space effects were more crisp.

The ships seem blurry to me. TMP Enterprise is really beautiful. I am surprised that design has avoided looking outdated through the years, or maybe I am biased as that was the ship I grew up with.

I love this version of the Enterprise. It really looks more in line with and plausible for the refit version we see in TMP.

This new design looks great. I am happy as can be with this version of the Enterprise. Spock and Dr. Boyce with his bag of martinis.

Canon even gives Spock a window where he might be on some kind of extended leave which coincides with this period.

Boyce could have already been replaced with Piper or someone in between the two. Sulu might already be on board — now that might have some interesting story developments with Stamets.

Number One could be gone already, and Pike could be off the ship as well. It all depends on how integral this appearance of the Enterprise is to the plot.

As much as I appreciate the original Enterprise, the neck has always too long and too thin; subsequent designs have tended to shorten and thicken it, which makes the ship look sturdier and tougher, so that is consistent with the Discovery design theme.

The detailing is good. I hate the window in the bridge, like I hate the window in any bridge. I expect the bridge will the same JJ look as the other bridges.

But overall, not bad. Ray Liotta as Pike — cliche I know but all the more reason…. I am not the first to recommend it. Ray Liotta was often suggested as Pike for the movie, including on this very site as a matter of fact.

But I was kidding anyway. Ray Liotta is the spitting image of Jeffrey Hunter. I thought he would have made a better-looking Pike than Greenwood.

Canon is pretty contradictory here, and has been convoluted by the Abrams movies. I have no issues with this redesign of the Enterprise or it replacing the classic—I kind of like it.

My issue is with the incessant boasting of the producers and writers that this show is in the Prime Timeline.

They should do the same with Discovery. Continuity DOES matter—when you create a show—you want it to be successful right?

You want it to get people fixated and keep it running with record breaking ratings? The studios only kept pumping it out because they knew there was an established fanbase—or else Trek would have fade into obscurity 48 yrs ago.

Or just have the studio establish this series as a reimagined show—it worked for BSG. I love both the original and SyFY versions.

The same can happen for Trek. At least the Kelvin timeline movies established a reason for the differences between it and the original.

The Klingons? At least the older shows offered why their look changed—and that continuity helped the franchise endure. Holograms, spore drives, Windows instead of view screens?

Just call it a reimagined show. The problem is that the tech change between and is bigger than the tech change between TOS and Voyager.

The Enterprise is a good compromise. It looks good in while still looking pretty close to The tech had to change in order to not look silly.

Fitting this war into the timeline is an interesting challenge. Well congratulations on being one of millions that have kept Trek alive—and good for you if you like this series.

Even the designs of the Federation starships are too racy and sleek for anything prior to But those that feel as I do, and there are plenty—the ones that have bent and accepted every drastic and subtle change to Trek over its vast history—DISCO being crammed into the Prime timeline, is too much.

Looking at Trek as a whole from the pilot through all the series and movies —if it were one big movie? I could care less what you like and accept—I just want to voice my opinion whether anyone likes it or not.

I could care less if you agree with anything I say. Well of course it is—and I realize there have always been continuity inconsistencies—but the entire Klingons race being refitted no hair come on.

Sure, some explanations were given…but only after about thirty years or so. Beaux, you are really on to something here. Other people, of course, are going to either agree, disagree, or not care one way or the other.

Multimillions of dollars spent on merchandise is but the most tangible evidence of a longtime fan base that has, despite lots of official stumbles at times, believed in the minutia and history of Star Trek.

This is exactly the opposite of what should happen. They got it right by placing it in the prime timeline. Something that was not needed or necessary, something we could do without perfectly well.

I feel like the neck and shuttle bay lip are more like TNG Enterprise. I doubt that the 23rd century is going to look like the s.

Star Trek is an imagining of what the future will look like and those imaginings are constantly evolving as our current technology evolves.

Each show is a product of its time and are visually influenced by the decades they are created in. The visual aesthetics and budgetary production limitations have very little to do with trying to stay true to the story.

They seemed to copy the tricorders and communicators to a T, but everything else has this weird twist. The Borg ship traveling back in time to pre-Enterprise days obviously affected the future.

While we do have modern-day productions of old plays, we also have plenty of modernized versions. They see that the important part of the plays is not really affected by altering the costumes.

There is an old book about the TOS 12ft model and her construction. It shows original memos from Roddenberry and production crews.

The steady-state nacelle lighting is a piece of TNG visual dumbness that just got repeated ad nauseam for the last three decades.

I love every bit of it, including the potato peelers. Actually, I lied. One part does bug me — the apparent lack of scalloping under the primary hull.

It makes the saucer feel too heavy to me. I hated the JJ Enterprise. It was a failure in both design and execution.

On top of that, I hated Into Darkness so much that it finally broke me. Star Trek did not deserve that much control over my feelings.

So, shrug. I hope that everyone who is gnashing their teeth over this can eventually find peace. Just want I wanted to see.

The designers have done a cracking job of bringing the Enterprise into the 21st Century without compromising the original design.

A sleek, elegant ship and far better than the Kelvin-verse version. I would like to see the FX shots cleaned up and the ship lighting improved in the next season to really bring it all together.

I see a lot of influence of the A here, the secondary hull shape and struts. Scotty should never have walked onto that primary coloured candy button set, it should have been written to have him walk onto the bridge of the A.

Or, had the budget allowed, an updated, re-imagined version. They should have taken the opportunity then to establish things.

The boys here mentioned Star Wars honoured canon with Rouge One, because they could. What everyone seems to forget….

Star Wars was a movie… with a movie budget. The nacelle struts would never jut out straight as an arrow, and go into the secondary hull in the same shape..

But you know what? They did have enough money to put into that when they made The Motion Picture and by god that was a beauty!

And now they had money for fancy sleek consoles and such! This looks like the NCC, except with more detail and minor tweaks. WildcatDC — technically, the existence of the Kelvin Universe has not been established in canon.

Therefore, with the exception of the Mirror Universe, there is only one universe all of Star Trek has taken place in, only different timelines.

Yes not only did he dump the look but completely moved away from it entirely in TNG. Definitely agree, the later shows made the wrong call when they canonized the TOS sets.

It would be easier for fans to have accepted a retcon of the TOS look back then than now, now that other shows have referenced that look.

I actually disagree. No one at the time EVER thought they would do another show or film based on that era.

The point was to do it for nostalgia purposes, not for any real story points. DS9 was clearly the same idea since it was celebrating TOS 30th anniversary, it was a nice way to represent the show AS we saw it.

It would take away from it if it looked too different. I think the mistake was was trying to base another show in the 23rd century or at least this part of the century.

Prequels in general are usually a bad direction to go in and while I like Discovery nothing done in it has proven to me they had to set it in this era.

In fact the very opposite. I think Discovery is the worst show ever. The science in Star Trek has always been lame.

A huge mystic space water bears is not anymore unrealistic than the warp drive or transporter or holodeck or any one of a hundred things in the show that were scientifically impossible.

None of them would ever work in the real world. New stupid crap meet old stupid crap. But the old stupid crap was good because it was your stupid crap.

What is the space water bear? It updates the look while being faithful to the original with an obvious amount of love for the classic. I imagine having a staging area outside of the artificial gravity and atmosphere of the shuttle bay might come in handy from time to time.

Exactly, mwz. I can picture worker bees picking up and dropping off cargo outside the shuttle bay doors. I really like the new design.

The Kelvin versions are more like twice that length. It seems like the ships in Discovery tend toward Kelvin timeline size so it will be interesting to see this Enterprise in perspective with the Discovery.

The Discovery does not look anywhere near m long to my eyes. Is it? That said, the Crossfield class is listed with a compliment of , but amazingly a length of In that one 2 second shot we see of them face to face, the Discovery appears to be about the same length as the Enterprise despite the angle of the view.

That said, taking the designs into account, Discovery is practically flat in comparison to the long neck and thick body of the Enterprise, only the lengths are comparable.

That difference in internal area is enough to explain the difference in crew compliment. As an experimental science vessel with only two of the type known why no mention ever of the U.

Crossfield with an NX registry? Now I cannot speak to the highly unusual number that Eaglemoss published, but as a random aside, if you reinterpret the Yes, I know Eaglemoss is a British magazine, so I doubt that is a realistic error.

The only other explanation is the horrifying one. After all, the Kelvin-verse Enterprise has been cited with many lengths over the years, ranging from to meters, and many different things in between.

I find that to be unacceptable. The bulk of the ship, though, seems much less massive. Look back at the Abrams Same potato peeler. I guess I would say that my favorite iteration is the Movie Refit.

My biggest problems were with the neck and pylons. But this is Beautiful. If they made the JJ-prise look like this, I would have liked those movies a lot more, I can tell ya.

Even though in that case it was much more pronounced, like an actual landing pad. I like the design. The enterprise is too small. Discovery something.

Either discovery is the greatest science vessel ever built, essentially bigger and more powerful than a constitution class, heavy cruiser star ship or, Discovery should be smaller than Enterprise.

Even if discovery has arena size labs. Just my thought. This one seems like a bad mixtape. It looks unfinished.

It looks mid-refit. Otherwise why call it TOS? There is a rich history that ties together despite the contradictions. Lighting differences would have worked as well as a redesign.

Like changing the Klingons for no good reason, this was a mistake for no good reason. You can have reverence for something while not being beholden to it.

Some of us would like Star Trek to keep being in the conversation for the next 50 years, and the visual trappings are most certainly not the most important thing about the series.

You Discovery sycophants are like Mikey in the Life cereal commercial. Or maybe people actually like the design? Disconnected reimaginings are for islands.

Continuity is for empires. The second pilot version of the Enterprise. Get a load of those nacelle caps. Deflector dishes a plenty.

Necks of USS Enterprise. Inline Feedbacks. Dana Farricker. February 17, am. Andrew Pearson. Marc Henson. Bryant Burnette.

February 17, pm. February 18, am. February 18, pm. Curious Cadet. February 19, am. April 17, am.

February 21, pm. April 16, am. Fred Javelina. Nobody complained as far as I can recall. Dana, you deserve a medal. I toast my Romulan Ale to you.

David Gatt. Thomas Mitchell. Including you. Really IDICotic. Luke Montgomery. Dwayne Wood. Gary 8. Captain Ransom.

El Chup. February 19, pm. My view is mixed. Something I have already told you today. Gregory McNeill.

February 22, am. The proper look in and was never established in canon. Until now. February 21, am. El Chup, Re: smartphone? That is a lie.

I have seen all past Treks and find Discovery very watchable. Tiger2, Re: None of these arguments would exist if Discovery was… in a post-Voyager era.

Tiger2, But it is a fantasy, this belief that sentient civilizations, and their technologies and fashions would solely progress ever forward without looking back.

Tiger2, Re: During the Cage era they wore essentially the same uniforms What are you smoking? February 22, pm.

February 24, am. Re: sometimes I feel Sometimes I feel you purposely misrepresent speakers of points that refute you as if somehow you can change the truth of their facts by claiming that somehow they become lies because of whatever characteristic you find laughable about the person who said it.

Jamie B. March 17, am. March 1, pm. Michael Johnson. February 20, am. Michael Hale. April 1, pm. All hands brace for fanhate!

I tried. My guess for the interier is bright yellows and pale blues…. Dig it. Keep em coming. E R oooo.

February 26, am. February 20, pm. February 24, pm. James D. I second this! I am no fan of the JJ-prise, but this one I like!

R W Tompkins. Micah McElroy. Enterprise E is probably my favorite as well. I never loved the KT version but its OK.

Carter Dohoney. Point of fact, they DID overdo it. The potato peelers alone speak to that. Trek in a Cafe. I agree,I have no problem with the neck,and love the ship.

Pah Wraith. Matt Wright. Trellium G. She is still a beauty when viewing her from the rear. How is that a cliche choice?

Pike would be around 38 at this point. Mike F. Captain Callisto. The River Temarc. Eagle moss, make the replica!!!! Take my money!!!!!

Brandon Powell. I for one love it. Wow I never saw it that way but you could be right. Great catch and would make sense.

BB — what exactly troubling aspects of the story have they ignored? Chris B. Daniel Shock. Adam Warr. This is the Prime Universe.

Great point, Gene dumped the look of TOS as soon as he had a bigger budget. D J Richert. Amulius Victor. Jeffrey S. I think it looks great.

The Troubled Tribble. The shuttle in STV could have used a longer landing strip. John Ruscmeyer. Important The.

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Trailer zur 3. Star Trek Discovery 16 2 Staffeln Serien. Click und Könige 49 Min. Hannah Cheesman. Licht und Schatten 40 Min. Ein weiteres Signal bringt die Discovery zum Klingonenplaneten Boreth. Charonspfennig this web page Min.


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